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It's too hot!

I don't actually know what the temperature is today but it's too hot and Theo and I are feeling bothered!

We've just been across to Brumagem for DH's family's annual get-together. His aunt and uncles and their partners and all their offspring and all their offspring. If everyone turns up there's around 40 adults and 30 kids (ranging between about 14 and Theo's 12 weeks). Seven in the first generation, 30 in the next (16 plus, I think, 14 partners/spouses), not sure about the next and one in the fourth. This year there were only two people missing.

Amongst the photos that were taken today they got all the actual family of DH's generation to line up in age order. DH is the third oldest (his two sisters being one and two). There was only one missing from that generation. The other person missing was DH's step-mother who lives up in Scotland and doesn't always make it down.

In general it rotates round the branches of the family although this year was hosted out of sequence by DH's aunt and her husband as it will be their 50th wedding anniversary in October. Next year will be hosted by one of his cousins in honour of her 50th birthday and the following year by one of his uncles for his 50th wedding. We hosted it last year just because it got round to DH's branch of the family again. That was the second time we've hosted.

The party was really pleasant, and the food was good, but the two hour drive each way was too long in this heat. Theo didn't do too badly but the heat got to him somewhat. He had a pretty good afternoon until about 16:30 and then screamed for best part of half an hour and finally dropped off to sleep about 17:00 in time for us to come home. He then slept all the way home in the car and is now still asleep 40 minutes after we got in. I'm hoping he stays asleep for a while as he was so tired out by the heat.

Today's forcast was for 29C and 39% humidity and according to the BBC its currently 27C and 42% humidity at our nearest measuring point. For Brumagem it was 28/44 and currently 27/34.

And this weather is due to stick around all week and get hotter - by Wednesday the prediction is for 33C and 35% humidity.

Can I have a large ice block to hibernate on?


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Jul. 16th, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC)
The reunion sounds reasonably nice. Better weather would have made it nicer, of course, but it still sounds nice. {SMILE}

I'd send you a large block of ice, but those are hard to come by in the tropics. Ice comes in little cubes around here, even if you buy it by the bag. {Chuckle, SMILE, mischievous GRIN, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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