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And more time passes....

For some strange reason I don't seem to be getting on the computer a whole lot lately!

Things are starting to settle down into some sort of almost routine but life is still variable. Theo is growing rapidly - according to the health visitor a week ago he had gained 12oz in the previous fortnight. His weight is nicely tracking the 25th centile for boys in this country. His length wasn't measured at birth but a week ago it was up at the 91st centile.

I had always just assumed that I'd breastfeed any baby and was prepared for it to not be completely straightforward - I've read enough to realise that whilst completely natural breastfeeding is not always easy. However, I wasn't prepared for just how hard it could be. After a whole week in hospital becasue Theo wasn't feeding properly it took quite a while longer for him to settle down and work out what he was doing. Fortunately he does now seem to have the hang of things - there are, of course, still bad times. It's pretty soul destroying to have your tiny baby crying himself blue in the face when you are trying to feed him. Today has been a basically good day - only one feed where Theo was too impatient. He has a wonderfully strong rooting instinct but doesn't always co-ordinate so will have a mouthfull of nipple and still be rooting - luckily at those moments he hasn't actually got any suction going.

My parents are here and I'm very glad we managed to arrange for them to stay somewhere that is not in our house. Mostly mum is being helpful and has been doing various things in the way of housework and cooking. She's also knitting up a storm for clothes for Theo. However, mum is constantly trying to get me to tidy up. She's convinced we have too much stuff and we should get rid of some of it. She also thinks that there are too many things at low level that will be a problem once Theo is self mobile. She may be right about some of it but I wish she'd get off my back about it.

Over all things aren't going to badly. I could do with more sleep and really ought to be in bed now not sitting at the computer. So I'm off to go to bed now and hope that Theo sleeps for an hour or so more before wanting the next feed.


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Jun. 15th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)
Babies are wonderful, and infuriating, and insatiable energy-drains on their mothers.
Breastfeeding is good and hard and not always successful. And Life manages to progress from day to day no matter what.
Mothers can also be infuriating. Remind her that is is going to be quite a while before Theo is self mobile. And so you have enough time to babyproof the house before that happens.
(Mothers also have a hard time stopping being mothers to their adult children!)
Grab whatever sleep you can, whenever you can. You won't really catch up for another 18-20 years.....
Jun. 15th, 2006 06:31 am (UTC)
{blink} He's a big baby! {Smile}

Sounds a lot like life with a new baby. At least it does according to the reports I've heard. {Smile, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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