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New arrival

Just a brief note to announce the arrival of Theodore Nicholas at 14:56 on 21 April 2006, weighing 3.779kg (8lb 5oz). By emergency c/section after I finally tipped from just having high blood pressure to having pre-eclampsia.

Theo and I ended up in hospital for a full week after he was born as he decided not to feed properly and so got rather more jaundiced than expected and he also lost rather more weight than usual for a newborn. It's still not great but after two weeks I do still have a breast feeding baby, even if at times its a distinct question of which of us is more stubborn, him or me - currently I'm bigger than he is so I'm winning in the stubborn stakes!

We're all now trying to adjust to life with baby.

More at some later point when I'm slightly more awake!
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