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So Guides a week ago was "the meeting from Hell" with the girls just not listening to a thing, not co-operating, winding each other up big time, arguing with each other and me and generally causing a riot. One of those meetings that send you home wondering why the heck you do this and with a pounding headache. Bad enough that the mum who was helping, whose daughter only came up from Brownies this term, said she was wondering whether to let her daughter keep coming. The sort of meeting that sends me home desperate for a large G&T and needing to call the guider who was my leadership mentor for reasurance that its not just that I'm crap at running a meeting (cause I know I can safely ring her after 9:30 at night and that she is generally in on a Tuesday evening). Left me wondering why I give up all this time to it and why on earth I was trying to plan a camp for these girls. And then this week it was the complete opposite - the girls co-operated, listened pretty well, got on with the activities they had chosen to do, didn't spend all evening aruging with each other and me and even made a pretty good job of cleaning up! No headache this week. I do not understand how it can be so bad one week and then so good the next. Hopefully next week will be another decent one!

For Christmas DH gave me a bobbin winder that he bought at a show at the beginning of December. When we looked there were a couple of parts missing (one was the drive belt which is just a tad critical). Emailed the company (based in Spain) (website but most of the links between pages seem to be broken) a week ago to ask for details so we could source locally and they got back to me the same day asking for my address to send the parts to - said they remembered us from the show and had thought after we left the stand that there was something wrong. Yesterday I picked up the packet from the post office - now all I need is to finish the project I'm working on so I can start a new one and use the winder.
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