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Went back to hospital on Monday afternoon and not only was my blood pressure back up despite the medication there was evidence of protein in my urine sample. Back to the Day Assessment Unit for monitoring and then admitted. Ended up staying in hospital until late Thursday. With the medication my BP has come back down but there is still protein showing although not at a level that would make them do anything drastic. One of the community midwives called yesterday and today and my BP was still down both times. I've got to go back to the hospital on tomorrow morning (Monday) for monitoring. Am trying to be hopeful that I'll get to come home again tomorrow but am also planning on not having to leave my car in the hospital pay-and-display car park just in case I don't get sent home! Have managed to find a friend who can give me a lift as the bus service is such that I'd have to leave here just before 7:30am to get there for a 10:30am appointment!

The consultant has now decided that a c/section will be necessary and this has currently been booked for 25/4 - assuming bump doesn't decide to put in an appearance before then.

Am trying hard to take it easy but there's so much needs doing round the house - not just housework but preparing for this little one! DH is being really good about it all and very supportive and is doing as much as he can and making me rest. He did admit on Thursday that he's finding it hard and that he had spent a large chunk of time at work on Thursday worrying about me and bump - but at least he admitted that. The amount he's managed to get done this week has, of course, been diminished by coming across to the hospital to spend some time with me.

Although not properly organised at home we have now at least got most of what we need for bump. The one item that I'm really aware we haven'te got yet is any form of changing mat - I guess if the worst comes to it there's always a plastic bag on the bed!
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