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Enough already....

Despite a few early blips and my previous medical history adding complications things have really been going fairly well until recently.

On Thursday I had a routine appointment with the midwife which went fine. On Friday morning I went to see my GP about a sore spot on the side of my left foot - which I can't see due to the surgery on that ankle.

Walked in to the office to be greeted by the GP saying "well he knew where he needed to start" and getting out the blood pressure equipment. Somehow between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning my BP had gone from 130/80 to 150/94! So instead of going up to London on the train to see a friend and doing a couple of other errands in town I ended up going to hospital.

Fortunately I was able to get a friend (whose day off is Friday) to take me across to the hospital - she was great, three cheers for Sheila. Arrived less than 15 minutes after I called her, drove me across, stayed until after 4pm (having got to the hopsital at about 10:30), bought sandwiches for lunch when she went to feed the parking meter and just generally was a star.

The hospital were actually very supportive and helpful. I spent the day on the Day Assessment Unit and was transferred to the ward about 4pm to be kept in overnight and monitored. Although my BP was high there was no sign of protein in my urine which is good. Purely coincidentally my consultant does his ward round on Friday afternoons so I actually got to see him and he said if the lower figure of my BP stayed under 100 over night then I could go home on Saturday. Which it did. And then we had a blip when mid-morning on Saturday they took another urine sample and got a positive for protein. The on-call consultant came up and discussed it and they decided that I could still go home but that rather than just waiting for me to be seen in clinic this afternoon they would send the community midwife out to see me yesterday as well. Fortunately when she came the protein had gone again and my BP was still down at 90.

Amongst the poking and pobing on Friday they decided that I have a chest infection that needs treating so am now on antibiotics for that as well as the blood pressure medicine. I've developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand so have been given splints to wear overnight (and in the day if I want). And they did a scan and have found that the baby is "extended breech" - so it's breach with it legs extended and feet up "warming its ears". Apparently this means that it's less likely to manage to turn itself round and therefore the chances of having a c/section have gone up again! My consultant is talking about getting a colleague to try and turn the baby this afternoon.

DH is being very supportive but it's all hard on him too. I think he found it difficult to go off to work this morning leaving me at home. We've agreed that I'll take the bus across to the hospital this afternoon (even though it takes twice as long!) and he will pick me up from the hospital.
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