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Managed to get myself moving on Saturday morning and went to a secondhand sale of baby/kids kit. Came home with two large plastic bags full of stuff pluss a baby bouncer and all for less than £40.

Still not sure what is actually _needed_ for baby in the way of clothing and bedding but not now feeling totally unprepared. Anyone got a good list of needs?

Predictably no work yesterday or today.

Saw the consultant yesterday afternoon - clinic was only running two hours late! And then despite my checking in with the central reception and then again with the specific clinic reception, they didn't mark down that I was there. Eventually the midwife on duty asked if I was waiting for someone so I said I was waiting for my appointment and she hadn't realised I was there and had been trying to ring me to find out where I was!!!

However, they were running so late that I actually saw the consultant and not his registrar or house officer. Since I last saw him he'd consulted with the general surgeons about umbilical hernias (bizarely he's actually got two of us with uhs currently). The general surgeons won't do anything about the hernia until well after the baby is born as the thing will change postpartum. This means that there is no general surgical reason for a cesaerian. Last time I saw him the Ob left me thinking he was going to insist on a c/section but he has backed off a bit since last time I saw him and now seems to think that natural birth is possible despite the hernia. Which is probably good news. Has recomeneded strongly that I think about a low dose epidural though as he thinks this should make it easier to cope with the discomfort of the hernia. Now just have to think about birth positions that don't involve kneeling as having had major surgery on both my knees that doesn't work!

Have an appointment with the midwife on Thursday and have to chase up why I haven't heard anything about the referral to the hospital counsellor or the antenatal classes that are listed in the information booklet from the midwife.

Ho hum...
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