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On the up-side...

Heavy frost yesterday morning and then sometime during the day we had a scattering of snow fall which has sort of settled as the ground was already frozen. Just by the front gate we have three snowdrops. Another even heavier frost this morning. DH was sweet this morning and scraped the frost off my car before he left (he leaves for work about 20 mins before I do). Driving to the station today through the mist the trees along the road were white with hoar frost and so beautiful.

On the down side....

Yesterday just after lunch I got a call from the agency to let me know that the placement I'm in, which was supposed to run until I go on maternity leave on 24th, will finish today. And on Monday just gone I bought a monthly season ticket to run up to my last day at work! Given that next week I have antenatal appointments on Monday (need to leave work at 2:45) and Thursday (need to leave at 1:45), I don't work Wednesdays anyway, and can't work late on Tuesdays because of Guides, I think it's unlikely that I'll get any work next week. Single days tend to be on-the-day bookings which mean not getting to work until mid morning so that will likely rule Tuesday out. Friday might be possible.

I guess this just means that I go on maternity leave three weeks earlier than expected and £600 worse off!
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