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I keep trying to tell myself that things are actually going OK but some days I'm not so sure.

Spent half of yesterday at the hospital to have a glucose tolerance test. This was a routine test because my body mass index is above whatever level it is (can't remember the exact figure - 30?).

This was rather challenging on a number of fronts. The first of which was to manage to have finished dinner by 9pm on Tuesday - that's about the time we normally start - as was supposed to fast from 9pm. Nothing but water after that. Then managing to get myself out of the house to be at the hospital a 30 min drive away for 9am for the first part of the test. Got there to find that the midwife should have given me a form and hadn't - fortunately I had two other routine blood test forms with me and the phlebotomist decided to stretch a point and add the GTT to one of them (she's not really supposed to alter the forms at all). So bloods safely taken I then get to drink a large bottle of Lucozade as fast as possible (yuck!). Then go away but still not allowed to eat or drink (just sips of water but not too much - how much is too much?) and come back in two hours for another blood test to be taken. Second round of blood taken I'm then free to go home.

Got home about 12:45 and found some lunch. Tried to go to a table top sale of kids things but couldn't cope with all the people. Ended up going back to bed by 3pm and sleeping until after 6. Managed to haul myself out of bed in time for DH and I to go to choir practice (only because we won't be at practice for the next six weeks and weren't there for the last two or three either!).

Still haven't heard anything from the hospital re referral to counsellor!

Getting out of bed to come to work today was an interesting exercise - I'd really just like to hibernate for the next 7-8 weeks.
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