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Stop the world - I want to get off....

So much for keeping this up-to-date.

Today's catalyst for posting is that I'm feeling completely crappy. I keep having to tell myself that things are not as bad as I think, I _want_ this baby, the state of the house doesn't matter and things will improve.

Saw the midwife again this morning. Different one, although one I know somewhat as she runs the aquanatal classes I've been going to when I can manage to get out of bed in time (major problem currently).

When I saw one of the other midwives on 5 Jan I finally got up the courage to talk to her about feeling depressed. She offered to make me a referal to the counsellor attached to the midwife team. I said I'd think about it. So I rang back a week later and asked for the referral to be made. This morning the midwife asked if I had seen the counsellor yet, to which I had to say I'd heard nothing at all. So the midwife rings to find out what's going on only to discover that the hospital are saying they only got the referral yesterday! This was enough to have me in tears.

Ended up with appointment taking over half hour. Consequently, missed train and was 45mins later to work than expected.
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