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So this morning we had the first snow of the winter at home. Not enough to even be pretty - just enough to need clearing off the car and make me five minutes late so I missed my train. Fortunately the next one is only 10 minutes later so I still go in to work on time. This must be a record for me. And of course no one notices if you're early or on time, only if you're late!

Last week proved interesting while we waited almost the whole week for DH's firm to tell him whether he was the one (out of seven) in his department to get made redundant. Friday they finally told everyone who it would be and DH is safe for the time being. Like a lot of others in the company he's job hunting cause who knows when the next round of redundancies will be? Do not need this uncertainty.

Trying to deal with the test results from the consultant last week. After two fairly early miscarriages at pretty nearly the same point (within days) the tests don't show any problem. I.e. go away and try again - its just one of those things. hmmm....
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