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Well I finally gave up and emailed the essay in about 3:30 today. It was only 900 words and should have been 1500 but if I'd tried to make it longer I'd have missed the deadline. I guess I'll loose marks for being so short but hopefully I'll still pass (which is all I need to do - the other essay for this module got a good mark so I'm not too bothered about the grade).

Its one of the things I find hardest is writing up to the word limit. All the essay writing tutorials at college that I've been to the first question asked by any student is "how much over the word limit can I go?" So far I've never got closer than about 1350 to a 1500 limit. I did have one tutor comment that that particular essay felt thin on material but since i was up to the word limit she hadn't taken marks off. The only thing being that I know I was at least 300 words short of the limit on that essay!

Ho hum.

Get to pick up the next module on Monday when I go to college for our summer residential.
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