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Where does time go?

This is one of those posts that I'm expecting isn't really going to say much but its too long since I last posted so I figure I should say something!

I survived Guide camp and provided my accounts are approved have passed my licence - I don't anticipate any problems with the accounts, its just a case of getting them in. The first two days of camp were really too hot and then the third day it started raining at about 3am and finished raining at about midnight. Not just drizzle but real proper rain! With 12 girls who had never camped under canvass before! We survived. Fortunately the last two days were then dry so we got all the tents home dry, which makes life so much easier.

Guide meetings resume tomorrow and I've finally got someone to come and help! YEAH! Happy dance! I now have an assistant Guider (who will do the training to get her warrant) and three mums who will each help two weeks out of three. This is going to make things _so_ much better, both for me and for the girls. After all with 30 girls aged 10-14 I can't keep an eye on everything all the time and if the only other adults are parents who come for maybe one or two weeks each term they don't know what to be looking out for. There have been some issues with bullying last term but I'm hoping we can get that sorted this term with more help.

Weekend after next we're off on camp again. This time its not just us. The County run a watersports weekend and this year there will be about 280 girls. This is really at the physical limit of the campsite and lake used. However it should be a good weekend although it will be hectic for me as of the other two guiders who I thought were coming, it turns out that one never was and the other now can't so I've got 24 girls, around 10 of whom I haven't even met, and one mum to help. Fortunately we arrive late enough on Friday that the girls will have eaten before they come and on Saturday its a chip supper so there's no real cooking to be done.

And I'm still procrastinating an essay on the study of religions but the deadline is this week (4:30 pm Friday at the absolute latest) so I must actually get down to it.

OK so I found more to say than I thought I might, so sue me!
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