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OK so I'm procrastinating again. What I should be doing is sitting at home writing an essay that's due on Friday. What I'm actually doing is sitting in the library websurfing!

This morning so far I have been and dismantled a flower display at the local parish church. The things I end up getting roped into through the Guides. Apparently it is "traditional" for the Guides to do a display for the church flower festival. Last year I had the theme of dance which wasn't too bad - I do some morris dance so had all the bits to do a display on that with a riotously coloured flower display. This year I got given "The Lion King". So I did a display with tall grasses, reeds, rushes, pebbles, sand and twisted willow (to represent a dead tree). When I was setting it up on Thursday I got one or two slightly sniffy comments about it because there were no flowers. Then on Sunday when DH and I went in to have a full look round the same person was enthusing about how good my arrangement looked! I think in the meantime other people had said how good it looked!

then I've been to the shops and read the local paper and now I'm in the library - although they close at 1 so will kick me out in about 10 minutes.

Part of the problem is that I'm still feeling so lousy from the cold. I've spent most of the last 10 days feeling pretty lousy and even had to have last week off work. Having slept for pretty much the whole of the previous weekend I tried going to work Monday a week ago and hadn't felt too bad when I left home but by the time I got to work I was exhausted and ended up coming home at lunch time and spending most of the rest of the week in bed. Went back to work this Monday and having worked Monday and yesterday I'm whacked today. Ho hum.
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