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Safety Gates

So this evening has been filled by an on the spot decision to go to IKEA basked on the fact that T demonstrated his ability to open the safety gates that we have that are not from IKEA. We now have two more IKEA gates, a storage unit for the kitchen for T's toys and some new bedding for T - part of the plan to move him out of the cot and into his own room. And R drove and we had dinner in their restaurant so I didn't have to think what to cook.

In other news R still doesn't have a job. There seems to be a fair bit of contract stuff around and he is working pretty hard at this hunting lark. Unfortunately most of what's around will mean weekly commutes which is non-ideal but pretty well anything is better than no job.


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Jan. 17th, 2009 03:31 am (UTC)
So the IKEA gates still work? I hope they continue to do so until you don't need them anymore. {Smile}

I do hope a job turns up soon. {sympathetic smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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