thealmondtree (thealmondtree) wrote,

Decided over the weekend that if I was going to be off work I'd make use of some of the time by starting to remove some of the over-the-top floral wallpaper that we inherited in the house. DH looked out the steam stripper from the garage on Sunday night ready for me to start on Monday morning.

So at 9:15 on Monday morning, when I'm just about getting up, the agency ring me to ask if I can work. They have a four day a week, ongoing, property booking. Starting immediately as the lady lined up to do it has called in saying her dog is sick so she can't work today and the agency think this is another way of saying she doesn't want the job because it's not full time. So "how soon can I be there?".

Now since this is a four day a week, not Wednesday, job and that is _exactly_ what I work (and all I've worked for the last six years) and I've done property work before, the only thing bugging me is why they didn't try to put me in the job to start with?!?

Oh well. So much for the wallpaper removal! However, much better for the bank balance which is rather precarious still after DH's stint of unemployment.
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