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How difficult can it be to get a new pair of glasses?

Back in January I went and got my eyes tested. As a result I decided to get my existing Flexon frames re-glazed. That should have been straight forward - the frames were only two years old and hadn't been re-glazed. So they went off and came back a week later with new lenses. Picked them up, brought them home and then two days later noticed that one of the lenses didn't want to stay put so I took them back. The opticians rang me a couple of days later to let me know that there was actually a fault with the frames and they were having to order replacement frames, which were out of stock with the manufacturer.

The next installment was that the opticians rang me about three weeks ago to say that the manufacturers were still out of stock but they were sending another pair of frames the same design but in a different colour as they couldn't say when the replacement frames would be available. On Wednesday I went in and picked up the new glasses and tried them on. As I seemed to have difficulty adjusting to them I decided to wait until Thursday morning before changing from my spare pair to the new ones. By Thursday lunchtime my eyes had not even begun to adjust so I reverted to the spare pair and went back to the optician. After a discussion about how long it to take for my eyes to adjust to the new lenses and how difficult I was finding it, the dispenser decided to check the lenses. It then turned out that when they put the existing lenses into the new frames they put the right lens in the left and the left lens in the right so it was no wonder I couldn't see! In the process of the dispenser changing the lenses over the edges chipped so she said that when the correct frames came in they would order new lenses.

Then on Friday I got a phone call to say that the frames were in and if I brought the other pair in they would change the lenses across. I pointed out that they were supposed to be ordering new lenses!

Today I've finally gone in to collect the glasses with the correct frames and new lenses!
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