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Trip to London

Today's special was a trip to London for what was hoped would be the very final Court Hearing relating to the administration of a friend's will. It's over five years since she died and it ain't quite over yet. (If she ever asks us to do anything for her again the answer is NO! ;-) )

Initially it looked as though the judge today was not going to look favourably on our application but then the other party managed to very effectively shoot himself in the foot and show exactly why we were asking for what we were asking. I've lost count but think this is the fifth Court Hearing and there is probably one more to go. There were also two case conferences. And that's just the part of this case that we're involved in. There's a whole other section that we haven't had anything to do with.

Having to travel up to London today made me thankful that I'm not having to do that every day anymore. Central London is too noisy, loud, dirty, crowded and fast. And it's still school holidays so it won't have been at it's complete worst!
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