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First thing Monday morning I thought I was going to be posting a "woe is me" type post but we seem to be coming through. This may get a little long!

On Sunday morning T came into bed for his usual feed and tried so hard but just couldn't manage to latch on. His mouth was clearly still sore and by then was also bruised and quite swollen particularly the top lip - made him look very "pouty"! During Sunday T didn't ask for a feed again at all.

On Monday when he woke up T came into bed but wouldn't even try to feed, which had me very upset. The guilt trip about the fact I'd left the pusher where he could climb it to tip it over and the fact that I'd really wanted to get to 2 years and we were so close but so far was pretty overwhelming. On top of the PND it was almost too much - I really just wanted to sit in a corner and cry.

Mid morning I was sitting in the kitchen and T was playing around when he suddenly came up and pointed vigorously saying "sa, sa" which is his way of asking for a feed. I figured there was nothing to loose by trying. It took a bit of perseverance but he did manage to latch on - standing up facing me with me sitting on an upright kitchen chair. He also had a short feed mid afternoon.

This morning he came into bed and asked for his feed. He did manage to get latched on and fed pretty well. For the last few months he's done a lot of swapping back and forth during his morning feed but this morning I had to stop him after a while as I was getting quite sore. Unfortunately the angle the upper tooth is now on means it was digging in to the base of my nipple. I suspect that I'm going to have to be a lot more precise about feeding positions than we have been recently!

Monday morning I rang our dentist to ask what, if anything, we should do about the tooth. The advice from the dentist is that since the tooth feels firm and T can still close his teeth together we should leave it. Obviously if it changes then we'll have to re-assess. The dentist says that in that case T would have to go to the dental hospital as probably the only thing that could be done would be to remove the tooth and that would almost certainly have to be done under general anaesthetic so we hope that doesn't have to happen.

My aim on the b/feeding front is to get to two years, which is coming up far too rapidly! I'm going away for a child-and-DH-free weekend (otherwise known as a Guide region arts advisers training weekend) mid-May which I rather think will be the end point of our breastfeeding journey. It will be interesting to see how DH copes with T for a weekend without me.
Tags: breastfeeding, pnd, theo
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