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Falling Over

I'm rather scared that today is going to have been a sudden traumatic end to T's b/feeding journey (at 23½ months).

While we were out today (clearing out the storage area at the hall where the Guides meet) T managed to fall and bang his face on the floor. He'd climbed into the pusher and managed to tip it over backwards. R picked him up and after a short time when T was still crying I went through to see what the problem was and saw that T was bleeding copiously. R hadn't noticed when he picked T up and, of course, couldn't see his face due to cuddling him. T wasn't keen for us to try and look in his mouth to see what was bleeding and I ended up taking him to A&E. Quite apart from the bleeding he was very subdued and we were all a bit worried about concussion. It seems the only damage is that he's managed to knock one of his top front teeth back so it's on a funny angle. Of course as its the weekend there isn't a dentist available to check with. Hopefully as its a milk tooth it won't cause any long-term problems.

Needless to say his mouth is sore. He had a sausage roll for a very late lunch and normally he just munches through but today we had to cut it up into tiny bite-size pieces so he didn't have to use his front teeth.

We're at a stage where T always b/feeds first thing on waking up (comes into bed with me for a really lovely snuggly cuddle feed) and then may or may not b/feed during the rest of the day depending on his mood and how busy he is.

This evening he asked for a b/feed and then just couldn't seem to get latched on right and it definitely seemed to be hurting him. The closest he got to latching on also made me wonder whether with the angle of his tooth it's going to hurt me! After trying to suck and crying a couple of times he just gave up.

We'll have to see how things go in the morning but I'm just scared it won't work. At least being Sunday R is home tomorrow.


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Apr. 7th, 2008 08:48 am (UTC)
Poor wee mite, such is the life of a toddler. There's bangs and scrapes all through their childhood. With regards the breastfeeding, maybe he's got to the point where it's not really essential for him, and since it now hurts, he will give up easily and without any real upset. I know it's not an ideal way to stop. Two is a good innings for any baby to be breastfed and he's not getting the benefit from mother's milk anymore. He can still have his morning cuddles. As you say, see how it goes.
Apr. 7th, 2008 09:43 am (UTC)
Oh! I'm sorry T got hurt. I hope it works out well for him, one way or another. {Smile, SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
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