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Procrastinating again.....

And wondering what it is about life at the moment that my mood descriptor seems to be bored, depressed or crappy all the time.

What I should be doing since I'm not at work is reading for an assignment due by 13 May, what I'm actually doing is sitting in the library websurfing.

Some of you will know that I do temporary work through a recruitment agency. I had been in a long term booking that lasted until a week before Easter. Since then the agency haven't come up with any work. For the first couple of weeks that was fine - what with the bank holidays and a residential weekend at college I was only looking for five days work spread over the two weeks. Last week I only wanted Thursday and Friday but this week things went back to normal with my wanting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Have I heard from the agency? Not a dicky-bird! If nothing comes up for next week it starts to get problematic as, of course, if I'm not working I don't get paid. I've been solely with the same agency for coming up nine years but am now thinking I maybe need to register with at least one other but the thought of registering elsewhere is daunting. I haven't had to do a job interview of any sort since I registered with the current agency. Also not sure what to do about references as don't particularly want to ask current agency to provide reference for new agency - I still hope that current agency will come up with work!

And today I need to spend money: the booking forms are out for Cropredy; the car has been making an odd noise for a while now and DH finally agreed with me that it was making that noise and had a look, he's not sure what's making the noise but says the front right wheel bearings need attention fairly smartly - just what we need. Since DH had a year out of work we're just about managing but there's no slack in things so as soon as anything goes wrong the budget blows.

The residential weekend at college was good. One of the drawbacks of a distance learning course is not having direct contact with other students so the residential is a good chance to meet others and check out that we're all having similar problems with the course! Enjoyed catching up with friends from previous residentials and meeting new. This time rather than lectures directly linked to particular modules we had a series considering community and body and looking at virtual community and a workshop afternoon on building portfolios and on-line working. The workshop was interesting cause you have the whole range from never used a computer to run their own server represented amongst the 40 students. I stopped on in the area, with friends of DH, for a couple of days after the residential to get some library time and managed to turn in one essay and have a useful conversation with one of the tutors and the administrator. Hopefully this will have kick started the process for me - I just need to get down to some serious work.

Ho Hum.
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