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Camp Cooking!

Following on from yesterday's camp crisis this morning we pitched tents on our lawn. Having brought home three tents from the store labelled "icelandic" "galloway" and "12' patrol" I was really expecting them to be all the same size. Turns out that we have one 4 person, one 6 person and one 8 person tent. And the 6 person tent is a much heavier canvas. Ah well, at least they all were complete, the canvas hadn't shrunk so it didn't fit the poles, the only damage we could find was the newest of the tents has a plastic sod cloth which was ripped in one place - easily fixed with duct tape, and we have enough pegs, ropes and poles.

T ended up having a rather scrappy tea today. The plan was to give him fish fingers and vegetables. During the summer (what summer I hear you ask, well what passes for one anyway) we don't have the range on all the time but use the microwave or the grill function of the microwave. I was grilling T's fish fingers and managed to hit the wrong button so they microwaved instead. The fish fingers ended up as small lumps of charcoal! I don't appear to have destroyed the microwave although it does need a very thorough clean and the house smells slightly of burning! So instead T had vegemite toast and a yoghurt.
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