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Round tuits

Does anyone have a round tuit I can borrow? I keep thinking of things to post here and then when I next get near the computer I just can't be bothered. The can't be bothered feeling is still applying to lots of things.

Robin is basically out of work again. The final agreement hasn't been signed but he's getting a reasonable package. He's been at home since lunchtime on Thursday and is driving me up the wall! I wish he would give rather more help with Theo, although I'd have to admit it's basically what I expected. For the next few weeks he's going to have to give more help though as I have to have hernia surgery tomorrow afternoon which will mean I'm not allowed to lift for the next six weeks. With a one year old in the house!?!

A friend is looking after Theo for the day tomorrow. I've been trying to express so there's some milk for him but in the course of three days have only managed to get about 50ml which won't be enough. Partly this is the round tuit problem again and partly just that I don't get much at each time. Oh well, we've been trying to get him to drink water for a while. Thankfully I don't have to hold off feeding him after the anaesthetic so when Robin picks me up I'll be able to feed Theo.
Tags: breastfeeding, pnd, surgery, theo
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