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Today is one of those days when the weather outside matches my mood - it's grey, attempting to rain, slightly chilly and over all depressing - and this is supposed to be spring. I will give that the daffodils are out and nice and cheery.

For the last eight years I've worked through the same recruitment agency and for just over a year had been in the same placement. The firm I was working at have now gone for outsourcing the bulk of their secretarial support to Cape Town and so they are letting all the agency staff go. Now I knew this was coming but had not expected it to affect me for about another six weeks or so. Generally getting work has not been a problem but this came a week before Easter. With the public holidays and the fact that I only work part-time (usually doing Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri) nothing has come up. They did ring me last Thursday for work but since they didn't ring until after 10:30 there was no way I could do it - outside the rush hour it takes over two hours to get to most of the areas they might have work for me - which is a down side of living out of town although moving out of town is still a good thing overall. So I've had no work last week and none this week and I'm not being too hopeful about next week either.

I'm also stuck on my college work. At some point it seemed like a good idea to take a part-time, distance learning, degree which involves lots of reading and about eight 1,500 word essays a year. This should not be unmanageable. So I managed the first five essays getting further behind with each one I handed in. I've now got to try to write three essays by Friday lunchtime and don't seem to have anything to say on the questions.

Generalised lack of motivation all round.
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