thealmondtree (thealmondtree) wrote,

Poorly baby

OK so I'm not very good at posting but I usually manage to check my friends page at least daily. This week however everything has gone to pot. This will explain to gwendraith why I wasn't in Ely

Last weekend Theo got a cold. Well that's something small children do. On Tuesday afternoon he was very sleepy and seemed to be having some difficulty breathing and then I realised that his temperature was sky high. Like 40.1C. So I rang NHS Direct for advice, who sent an ambulance out. The paramedics spent about an hour here but by that time Theo seemed fine again so they went off. Within a couple of hours T's temp was back up to 40.4 so DH and I took T to hospital. T got admitted while they checked him out for pneumonia, infections etc. T is still in hospital, his temp is still all over the place. Last night the doctors decided to start him on IV antibiotics and that they had better check for meningitis before doing so.

T seems somewhat better today, although very sleepy poor baby.

DH is with him atm and I've taken a short break to come home and sort out the post and stuff and just to get out of the hospital for a while!

Looks like we'll be at the hospital for a while yet.
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