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This has appeared in several people's journals and I finally got around to getting mine!

In 2007, thealmondtree resolves to...
Buy new morris.
Take evening classes in herbalism.
Find a new chocotate.
Apply for a new cider.
Connect with my inner monochrome.
Spend more time with my guides.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

If I could find the money a morris traveller would be great.
Evening classes? With a not yet one year old? Maybe NOT!
New Chocococolate? That I'll enjoy!
New Cider? Could be good (for the USAians, cider here is alcoholic).
Monochrome - well I ought to remember to check in there more often.
More time with my Guides? EEP! DH thinks I spend enough as it is!
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