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Theo has had what I thought was a cold for a few days. Monday night I spent proped up in bed with him asleep on my shoulder because every time I tried to put him down or lie down he woke up and cried. Tuesday he was really sleepy all day. Wednesday he seemed to be getting a bit better.

And then today (well OK it's yesterday now but I haven't really been to bed yet so it's still today!) he's been really really off all day. Whinging, wanting to be held but still whinging, not feeding properly, totally not interested in any solids, coughing with a cough that sounds like a small dog barking, intermittently running a termperature, not sleeping but yawning his head off and rubbing his eyes till they are red. Finally decided about 21:15 that even if they did think I was being a neurotic older first-time mum I was ringing the out-of-hours doctor service. Got through and was told they would ring back within the hour. I think it was about five minutes. Spoke to the Dr who could hear Theo crying and coughing and said he thought it was croup. Advised sending DH out for ibuprofen suspension (which I hadn't got) to give as well as the paracetamol suspension I'd already given and in the meantime creating a steamy atmosphere for Theo. Said to ring back in an hour if not better. After about an hour of taking it in turns to have Theo in the shower room DH thought it was getting worse not better so we rang back and got to take Theo up to the local outpatient centre. They've checked him over and said to continue what we're doing and that it will probably take another couple of days to clear up.

Since then I've managed to doze in an armchair with Theo asleep on my shoulder for part of the last two hours. I guess I'm not going to get much sleep for a while! Sent DH to sleep in the spare room as he has to go to work - its his last day until after New Year so he really has to go.
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