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One of the worst things about PND is that it saps any inclination to do things. I've been meaning to update this journal for weeks (or is that months?). I also need to figure out what we did to T's webpage and correct it as it hasn't been updated for ages and currently has just the one photo up 'cause when trying to update it it got broken. And I'd had fun selecting the photos to go onto it. But that was a good day when I was managing to get more done than just get both of us up and dressed and fed.



Dec. 5th, 2006 07:55 am (UTC)
Re: ...totally unrelatedly to the content of this post...
That seems quite possible. We all changed train at Stevenage(?) and I attempted to give you my email written on a napkin (or something similar)?

Went and saw Carnival again last Christmas (again with Maddy Prior). Haven't managed to find them doing anything on their own - their webpage last I looked was rather out of date.

Picking up on a comment in one of your entries and a mutual friend in ghoti do you Mono? I can occasionally be found there as "Nerilka".

Ghoti's party on Saturday was good. Hadn't seen her for several years.