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So I've had all these thoughts of things to put in here and just keep not getting around to it. Seem to be totally lacking in any kind of motivation for anything at the moment and doing everything at the eleventh and a half hour.

This is therefore going to include some of the things that I've thought of over the last week.

Monday 28 February: Nearly died of shock after a "small random act of kindness" in the station car park this morning. My Monday morning brain had completely forgotten that the parking charges went up at the beginning of the year so my carefully scrounged together £3.50 wasn't enough and I was about to have to head over to the booking office to pay on plastic when the guy who had just come up behind me at the machine asked if it was out of order - when I said the machine was fine but I'd just found I didn't have enough change he produced 50p to make it up to the £4.00 for the day for me. Got my Monday off to a much better start than usual.

Tuesday 1 March: Dearly as I love Pipsqueak cat I could have cheerfully _murdered_ her at 4 am this morning when the persistant mewing woke me up to the fact that she had caught a mouse and brought it up to our bedroom. DH is so sort sighted that there is no way known that he could do anything about it in hurry so I had to get up, find something to catch mouse with, evict mouse out into front garden - discovering that it was snowing in the process - and then get back to bed about 4:30. Needless to say problem in getting up when the alarm went off at 6:15!

Wednesday 2 March: How does my day off end up being so busy? Spent practically the whole day running late although caught up with myself for a while at lunch by ditching the fundraising lunch I'd intended to go to.

Friday 3 March: They've been predicting all sorts of horrible weather. Got out of bed at 6:30 - grey and overcast and cold. Next looked out of window as just about to leave house - 1/4 inch snow on ground. Proceed to make way cautiously to station. By mid morning DH says it's all gone again. Part of me knows that snow is a nusiance but part wishes that my part of UK would get a decent amount of snow at a point which would mean not having to go to work for a day or two (even though that means I don't get paid).
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