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Best of intentions!

We decided early on to use cloth nappies although it took me some weeks to get my act together to order them. Having chosen what we wanted to use and ordered them we've been using them for about eight-nine weeks now. And then on Sunday our washing machine broke down! Admittedly it's eight years old and this is the first time we've had any problem with it.

We've put T back into disposable nappies for the duration. A good friend has taken the washing we had and done it for us - including three days worth of nappies.

Given the age of the machine DH figured he might as well investigate what had gone wrong and whether he could repair it. Turns out that the motor brushes had worn out. DH tried to go on-line to get spares over the weekend but the manufacturer's website has some broken code which meant it wouldn't list parts! DH has rung them this morning and the spares are available at a cost of only £20. But.... they are out of stock and will be about three weeks!

Ho hum. I guess at least the spares are available and they manufacturer didn't just say it was too old and we have to replace the machine!
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